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 Advanced Diagnostics                   

Endoscopy:  For  the diagnosis of Equine upper airway and esophageal disease, The diagnosis of upper airway disease in Midium and large dogs and the diagnosis and treatment of Upper GI disease in medium and large dogs, we have a 10mm X 120 cm fiberoptic endoscope.  Internal exams, along with biopsy and culture collection and foreign body removal is now possible with out invasive procedures.  Please call for particulars and our capabilities.

Ultrasonography:  Our Classic Medical Ultrasound makes many soft tissue and body cavity exams possible with out a surgical procedure.  It also allows for internal biopsies with visual, but not surgical guidence.

Our in house laboratory provides for immediate results for many body parameters.  CBCs Profiles, Fecal exams, Cultures, & Blood Gasses are all done in house.  Blood ammonias,  lactates, total T4, urine protein to creatinine ratios, cortisol, bile acids, FeLV, FIV,  Canine Heartworm Antibody, Lyme C6 protein, Ehrlicia & Anaplasmosis, tests are all immediately available, often in a few minutes.  Additionally, the extensive resourses are available with easy overnight delivery allowing for next day results for things like phenobarbitol and potasium bromide levels.

This is all rounded out with our standard and dental X-ray services, electrocardiography, pulse oximitry and blood pressure monitoring.